Why Haven’t You Had LASIK Eye Surgery Yet?

You wanted to wait until the Laser Vision Correction Technology was better.

The wait is over! Today’s technology is far more superior than ever.


You are concerned about the pain of the procedure.

Most of our patients feel nothing more than a minor sensation during the procedure. We properly prepare all of our patients before the procedure by administering numbing eye drops.


The recovery period is very long.

The recovery period for most of our patients can be as little as 24 to 48 hrs. However some procedures can take longer- but you will be back to your day to day routine within 24hrs with minimal discomfort


You have been told that Laser Vision Correction cannot treat your prescription.

Our procedures can treat a variety of eye conditions, including astigmatism.


You are questioning the safety of Laser Vision Correction.

Laser Vision Correction is widely considered to be one of the safest elective surgical procedures in modern medicine. For more than 20 yrs, millions of patients worldwide have enjoyed life free of corrective lenses!


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